Acres Organic beef is produced to meet The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. Cattle are sourced from the roaming pastures of Eastern Australia.

The natural environment provides the perfect platform for nurturing cattle that are guaranteed to be 100% free from added hormones, antibiotics and genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs or GEIs), while also meeting the strict organic standards our customers expect.

Certified Organic Beef Requirements

No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are permitted in the growing of the animals’ feed

No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are permitted in the animals’ feed

No animal bi-products are used in feed

No antibiotics or growth hormones are permitted

Third-party inspection and verification by an accredited certifying body are required

A thorough audit trail is required to trace all certified organic products back to the property of origin

Ethical treatment of the animals is essential, the farmers treat their cattle and land with respect and kindness


Canadian Accreditation

USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) have an organic standards equivalency agreement.


Acres Organic is produced in line with the Australian Government Halal accreditation system.
You can learn more about these requirements here

USDA Organic

Acres Organic is produced to meet the stringent USDA Organic Standards.

Livestock Welfare

This accreditation is achieved by producing beef to meet the strict guidelines outlined by the Australian Meat Industry Animal Welfare standards.

Acres Organic Beef is sourced exclusively from organic accredited farms

To be classified organic, the Organic Standards must be adhered to. The processor must be fully converted to organics. They must be approved and licensed by a third-party organic certifier, as approved by Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Annual audits ensure the processor operate in a way that cares for the environment and for the quality of the product.

For eligibility into the U.S. market, the ranchers and processors need to be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP). For more information, and a list of the USDA approved Australian certifying agencies, visit

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