Each of our producers have been certified organic, and wholeheartedly committed to raising cattle naturally. This not only means that no pesticides or chemicals are used directly on the cattle, but that native wildlife, waterways and the land are protected as well. We believe that raising Acres Organic cattle this way not only means they live a healthier, natural life, but also gives you more confidence in the quality you are putting in your body.



Our family of producers are based in the heart of the rapidly growing organic beef catchment region of Australia, through central Queensland, southern Northern Territory and northern South Australia.

Our cattle are largely soft tropical breeds such as Brangus, Droughtmaster and Brahman; suited for the tough, hot conditions in rural Australia.

In this environment the cattle roam free with minimal human intervention, across 500 million acres throughout the region and have access to graze on over 1,000 different species of native plants such as Flinders Grass and Mitchell Grass. Acres Organic producers treat their cattle and land with respect and kindness.

With access to a broader variety of feed and nutrients, our cattle eat native grass and plants as they please, which leads to them consuming a healthy diet of what they need.

Roaming free, they naturally help maintain the land, fertilising the grass they graze on, strengthening the local ecosystem and promoting biodiversity.

These unique surroundings provide the perfect platform for nurturing our organic, grass fed cattle that are guaranteed to be 100% free from any added hormones, antibiotics and genetically engineered ingredients.

Acres Organic - Map of our lands across australia

Meet Our


Our family of Acres Organic producers are wholeheartedly committed to raising cattle naturally, and proud of producing quality organic beef for consumers all over the world.

Fenella Neilsen

“I just love spending time with the cattle.”

Fenella Neilsen

Property: Tolmie Creek
Region: Central Queensland, West of Rockhampton
Farm Size: 27,000 Acres

Fenella grew up at Tolmie Creek, taking over the running of the cattle operation from her now semi-retired father, who took over the property from his father before him.

The Neilsen Family and Tolmie Creek have been partners with JBS for over 20 years, a relationship that has been built on open communication and trust.

Acres Organic producers like Fenella have a deep connection to the cattle they raise and the lands they graze on. Fenella is especially passionate about genetics and breeding, seeing calves grow into big steers and spending her days during spring checking the breeder paddocks.

“Because of our style of farming, there was a natural fit for Tolmie Creek to officially converted to an organic operation in 2014. Whilst the process is very comprehensive to gain certification, there wasn’t a lot we needed to do. Making the change was the right fit between what we believe in when it comes to cattle raising, and the foundation of what Organic Certification provides.”

Fenella Neilsen and Tolmie Creek are proud to produce the best grass fed, free range beef in Acres Organic.

Louise and Bill Dunne

“We are proud of what we do at Tarcoola - producing quality clean green beef.”

Louise and Bill Dunne

Property: Tarcoola
Region: 70km North of Dingo (Central Queensland)
Farm Size: 10,000 Acres

Having been operating Tarcoola for over 20 years, the Dunne’s took the steps 9 years ago to become organically certified. It was an easy transition for the family as the way they raise their cattle was already aligned with the fundamentals of being organically certified. There was a natural progression to take that step.

“We have worked with JBS forever. We love that they have local people on the ground who know us. This is more than a job, this is our life, our kids are now 5th generation graziers, so it feels right to partner with people aligned with our same values.”

The Dunne’s are also in the process of having their hay farm along the river organically certified. This step works towards drought proofing their operation by producing additional organic feed for their cattle, as well as supporting surrounding farmers.

John and Julie Borg

“We wanted to make our own mark on the beef market.”

John and Julie Borg

Property: Harrybrandt
Region: Nebo, Central Queensland, south west of Mackay
Farm Size: 55,000 Acres

‘Our family have been operating Harrybrandt for almost 45 years now. My parents, brother and myself went into partnership in 1975, and I now run the property with my wife and two boys who will eventually take over the reins”.

The Borg’s breed and graze their Brahman out of Nebo, south west of Mackay. 20 years and 25 years after buying Harrybrandt, they purchased two separate properties in Rolleston to finish their cattle, bringing their total property size to 90,000 acres.

“We started our pre-certification to become an organic operator in 2012, and then became fully certified in 2015. We hadn’t dipped since 1979 and wanted to make our own mark on the beef market, so saw this as a great opportunity.”

“We have great pride in what we do. Seeing a quality finished product that people can enjoy all over the world, that we put hard work and passion into, it fills you with a sense of pride.”